Tip Packaging Recycling

Pipette tips are an important laboratory consumable used in vast numbers. But their racks, whilst offering convenience and sterility create a lot of surplus material.


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Reduction at source is the only way to decrease the environmental impact from the plastic used in the manufacture of pipette tip racks, as this reduces the potential for plastic waste to be deposited in landfill sites and the energy required to recycle the plastic material.

Anachem offers a range of unique tip refill systems from Gilson and Rainin, plus its own brands that enable the same rack to be refilled and reused repeatedly. These dramatically reduce the amount of plastic used in their manufacture. They are even offered in sterile formats.


Management of laboratory waste is becoming increasingly important. Whilst the use of tip refill systems will reduce excess packaging, an efficient, easy-to-use recycling scheme also brings great environmental benefits. Anachem currently has recycling schemes in laboratories set up all over the UK to help ensure that the plastic material created from pipette tip packaging can be re-used or recycled.

All Anachem tip packaging can be recycled. It is made of one of two types of plastic,
polypropylene or PETE. For larger laboratories joining the Anachem reRecycling_Bincycling scheme we can provide colour coded wheelie bins or boxes for your laboratory to make it easy for users to separate the different types of plastic. We can even provide
colour coded bags for the material to be collected in.

Recycling Pipette Tip Packaging with Anachem Recycling Service


5 Easy Steps to Recycling with Anachem

Step One
Remove any autoclave tape as this cannot be recycled and place the material in the correct recycling container for its plastic type
Step Two
Keep it ‘Green’. Only send large bags of tip packaging to be recycled
Step Three
Telephone us on +44 (0) 1582 455135 or E-mail gogreen@anachem.co.uk to arrange a collection
Step Four
Mark all bags as ‘Material for Recycling’
Step Five
Within 2 working days we will collect your recycling, saving you time and money

This service is now available to all Anachem customers to help you to do your bit for the environment.

Once we receive your plastic for recycling it is consolidated and then transferred to Veolia Environmental Services for processing. Polypropylene_Granules_for_RecyclingCollected_Racks_for_ Recycling

The material is then ground into 10mm granules. These granules are then filtered into large storage bags and are moulded into various items such as water pipes, patio furniture and any plastic products that do not need to be made from pure virgin material.


Call + 44 (0) 1582 455135 or
E-mail: gogreen@anachem.co.uk
to start recycling with Anachem Today!

Biodegradeable Racks

Don't forget Anachem now supplies tips in Biodegradeable tip packaging. Packaging for the Anachem EarthSaver range is manufactured from a co-polyester material which has been shown to fully degrade in an environmentally safe manner. A special additive included in the plastic upon manufacture enables the microorganisms in the environment to metabolise the molecular structure of plastic films into an inert humus-like form. The biodegradation process begins with a proprietary swelling agent that, when combined with heat and moisture, expands the molecular structure of the plastic.

After the swelling agent creates space within the plastic’s molecular structure, the combination of bio-active compounds attracts a colony of microorganisms that metabolise and neutralize the plastic. Most importantly; the additive does not change the physical properties of the plastic itself and has an indefinite shelf life until being placed at a microbial active environment like a landfill. By changing the concentration of the additive in the raw plastic a complete biodegradation time of anywhere between 1-5 years can be achieved. This kind of solution is absolutely safe and is currently applied across the world for other kind of products – for example some food packaging.
EarthSaver Tip racks have a biodegrability of 8-15 years depending on environmental factors such as exposure to sunlight and air. EarthSaver Tip Racks can be fully recycled and are tested for heavy metals to ensure their ecological cleanliness.
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