Pipette Parts

Pipette Spare PartsIt is crucial that every pipette performs to the highest possible standard (i.e. as new), after servicing.

Using a highly experienced service provider and quality spare parts is the only way to guarantee high performance and trouble free pipetting.

Anachem is the largest, dedicated pipette service organization in the UK and Ireland, with 30 years of expertise. We pride ourselves in high quality service and calibreation to bring your pipettes back to manufacturers specifications, whatever their brand. As such we always use quality spare parts to give you the best pipetting accuracy and precision.

Pipette Spare PartsAnachem spares are subject to the highest levels of quality control and are checked and warranted. They ensure the use of quality materials such as PVDF for the best chemical resistance, compatibility and durability. The perfect size dimensions of pistons, tip-holders and tip ejectors guarantee maximum accuracy and precision plus trouble free ejection of tips.

It has been found that some agencies offering to service commonly used pipettes frequently use salvaged parts or parts made to a poorer quality in cheaper, lower grade materials. The design of which is often inaccurate. For example, extremities of tip holders are shaped differently causing inaccuracies in dead volume, gravimetric performance and tip airtightness. Tip holders are often moulded in two parts that can retain contaminants whereas quality tip holders are moulded in a single piece. To safeguard against these concerns always request to see the original parts in their original packaging, before your pipette is serviced.

If you are performing basic maintenance on your pipettes, in-house, you can obtain supplies of top quality spare parts at great value prices from Anachem. Our range of seals, o-rings, tip holders and maintenance kits are all available to order online now.

Contact Anachem's Pipette Service Team on 01582 456256 or email pipetteservice@anachem.co.uk


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