Multichannel Pipette Service Options

Multichannel Pipette Calibration at the Anachem Service CentreThe introduction of ISO:8655-6 laid out recommendations for both manufacturers and end users stating the specifications and gravimetric testing methods by which pipettes are calibrated/validated.

With the extended use of multichannel pipettes in the laboratory, the standard recommends that every channel is regarded as an individual pipette and should be assessed/calibrated as such.

Although activated by the same operating mechanism, by testing every channel, this ensures that each liquid end is behaving within the same parameters and that the maintenance/service across all channels is complete. This ensures calibration is representative of in-situ conditions and gives increased confidence across the assay. However, full calibration on every channel can be extremely time consuming.

A standard 2.2 calibration on a 12-channel pipette requires 48 pipetting cycles and gravimetric weighings (2 volumes x 2 repetitions x 12 channels). When performed manually each of these measurements can take approximately 2 minutes - a total of over 1.5 hours to calibrate one pipette!

For laboratories requiring UKAS calibration a total of 360 gravimetric weighings (3 volumes x 10 repetitions x 12 channels) would be needed. Performing this number of tests manually becomes impractical and prohibitively expensive.

As the expert in pipette calibration, Anachem has made significant investment to overcome these problems. Anachem’s Multichannel All™ service & calibration provides an extremely affordable, practical and convenient solution that enables you to ensure complete compliance with ISO:8655 for the servicing of your multichannel pipettes.

Multichannel All™ Pipette Calibration

METTLER TOLEDO MCP Multichannel Pipette Calibration BalanceAnachem’s Multichannel All™ calibrations are performed in our service centre on  the Multi-Cal™ testing unit and in the field using METTLER TOLEDO MCP Balances. These instruments are specifically designed for calibration of multichannel piston pipettes. They enable automated concurrent testing of up to 12 channels with a single pipetting cycle. The test volumes of water are pipetted simultaneously into twelve weighing tubes placed alongside each other. The filled tubes are weighed automatically in parallel with a 12-channel balance. Thus, the pipetting and weighing cycles are reduced to the equivalent of those required for a single channel pipette (4 for 2.2 calibration, 30 for UKAS) but a comprehensive detailed report of the total measurements (48 or 360 respectively) is provided.

Therefore, you get complete data according to your required calibration level for each and EVERY channel of your pipette but at an unbelievably affordable price. In fact Multichannel All charges are lower than previous prices for standard multichannel pipette services.

Only with Anachem can you get this better service at lower cost!
  • Perfect for QC, SOP, GLP and UKAS requirements.
  • Fully traceable detailed data for every channel.
  • Ensures your full compliance with ISO:8655.
  • Same price for 8- or 12-channel pipettes.
  • Same price for manual and electronic pipettes.
  • No minimum order.
  • Multichannel All is available both at the Anachem Pipette Service Centre and also in your own laboratory with an on-site service clinic.
Keeping your pipettes in perfect operation costs less than you may think.

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