2012 Press Releases

Are You Increasing Your Risk of RSI Due to Incorrect information?

05 December 2012

Many scientists have been lead to believe that Rainin LTS Pipettes and Tips cost more than universal pipetting systems. However this information is incorrect and you could be putting your health at risk by believing it. When first introduced, the LTS LiteTouch Tip Ejection System was the first new tip and shaft design for over 30 years. This unique system provides low force loading and tip ejection plus leak free consistent sealing that increases productivity & prevents Repetitive Strain Injury, without costing anymore than your current pipetting system.

Rainin AutoRep™ S – Flexible, Lightweight Control for Accurate and Fast Repeat Dispensing

12 September 2012

The Rainin AutoRep™ S is a manual adjustable repeater pipette that provides a simple, flexible and ergonomic solution for any application requiring repeated liquid dispensing steps over a wide range of volumes. With greater manual control, faster sample processing and higher throughput the AutoRep™ S makes light work out of often tedious repeat pipetting.

Good Pipetting Practice - The Best Way to Ensure the Success of Your Research

19 July 2012

Pipettes are an essential tool in life science research as the majority of experiments require the careful handling of precise volumes of liquid. Their accuracy and precision is therefore vital for producing good quality results. However, when evaluating the accuracy of experimental data, pipettes can not be considered in isolation. There are many factors which can influence the accuracy, quality and reproducibility of the generated data, including pipetting skill, pipette maintenance & calibration.

Purify up to 12 Protein Samples in as little as 15 Minutes with New, Rainin PureSpeed™ Tips!

24 February 2012

Want to find a simpler way to purify native and recombinant proteins? Then you should try Rainin’s new PureSpeed™ Protein Tips. The affinity resin incorporated in the base of the pipette tip, captures, purifies and enriches the protein of interest by bidirectional flow of sample volume through the tip bed. These innovative tips produce the highest concentration of purified protein, allowing many options for downstream functional assays.

Fast and Easy Pipette Calibration Audit Trail with Anachem’s Online Certificate Archive

08 February 2012

Now you no longer have to trawl through files of paper certificates to check your pipette’s calibration history. Impress your auditor with immediate, easy access to validation and calibration certificates with Anachem’s new online archive.

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