Rainin Pipet-Lite™ XLS – Starter Kits Now Available from Anachem

The Pipet-Lite™ XLS single channel pipette is one of the most comfortable and accurate pipettes available. Advanced ergonomics, even lower spring forces plus improved locking ensures maximum pipetting performance all day long. If you haven’t already tried this amazing pipette then the XLS Starter kit is the perfect way to introduce them into your lab. Ideal for start-up labs or new researchers these kits come with 3 pipettes plus accessories and are available in universal Tip Fit and additionally ergonomic Lite Touch Tip Ejection LTS™ options.

The XLS Starter Kits include the pipettes that are ideal for life science applications, covering a range of volumes. 3 magnetic hang ups are included to provide easy storage and help prevent damage or contamination to your pipettes.

The Universal Tip Fit Kit contains – SL-20XLS, SL-200XLS & SL-1000XLS pipettes, 3 magnetic pipette holders and 3 tip racks (RT-200F (filter tips), RT-250 & RT-1000).
The LTS Tip Fit Kit contains – L-20XLS, L-200XLS & L-1000XLS pipettes, 3 magnetic holders and 3 tip racks (RT-L10, RT-L250 & RT-L1000).

 To order your starter kit now visit us at www.anachem.co.uk or you can order by phone 01582 455135, fax 0116 234 6715 or email orders@anachem.co.uk.

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2 June 2011
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