What is LTS?

Smart Scientists are switching to Rainin Lite Touch Tip Ejection Pipetting System (LTS™)
The Most Comfortable Pipette that Prevents Fatigue to Ensure You Maintain Accuracy and Precision All Day Long

LTS is now available in the UK for Both Single Channel and Multichannel Pipettes

Don't miss out on your opportunity to switch to the benefits of LTS. LTS tips cost no more than standard tips and with a contract from Anachem you could even make savings on your current expenditure.


Routine pipetting has been positively linked to musculoskeletal disorders such as carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis and other repetitive strain injuries.

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Rainin single channel pipettes are available with the option of LTS. All Rainin Multichannel pipettes feature LTS.

The unique LTS system dramatically reduces high tip ejection forces decreasing or even eliminating  the risk of laboratory Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI).


  • Cylindrical design reduces tip ejection forces
  • Low force means freedom from tired hands
  • Tips seal reliably and consistently without excessive force
  • LTS Reduces Tip Ejection Forces by 85%
  • With traditional conical tip/shaft designs, tip ejection forces can be as high as 10kg, with an average of 4kg.
  • Tip ejection force is only 0.6kg with LTS.


Consistent seal without excessive force

The LTS cylindrical design produces a reliable, consistent seal without excessive force

LTS tips are thin walled and incorporate a small, well-defined seal area and a positive ‘stop’. This ‘stop’ lets you know exactly when the seal is made – no need to ‘jam’ or pound the shaft onto the tip.


LTS Pipettes Solve Common Multichannel Problems

The LTS cyclindrical tip system brings particular advantages when using multichannel pipettes.

The tips mount and eject easily, creating a reliable seal with minimum force (only 2.5kg for 8-channel pipettes).


Consistent sample loading
  • Leak-free and reliable seal without hand tightening- first time, every time
  • NO nozzle o-rings: no breakage, no maintenance, no sample contamination, no problems


LTS pipettes must be used with LTS tips

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