What is Anachem EarthSaver Tip Packaging?

The World's First Environmentally Friendly Biodegradeable Tip Packaging

All packaging for the new EarthSaver range of pipette tips from Anachem is made completely from biodegradable material. This includes the plastic tip racks and refill inserts that are manufactured from a co-polyester that fully degrades in an environmentally safe manner.


Eco-Friendly Tip Racks

The biodegradation of the plastic is aided by naturally occurring enzymes that are capable of breaking down the polymers. Depending on exposure to sunlight and air, EarthSaver tip racks have a biodegradability of 8-15 years. In addition, the tip racks are fully recyclable and to ensure their ecological cleanliness are tested for heavy metals.


High Quality Pipette Tips

In addition to their environmental advantages EarthSaver tips provide the quality liquid dispensing you expect and a versatile range to suit all laboratory needs. The tips are certified free from DNase, RNase and endotoxin contamination and have CE & in vitro registration. There is a wide volume range from 10 - 1200µl with various tip options such as standard racked, racked filter tips, sterile racks, a reload system and loose.

EarthSaver tips are manufactured from 100% virgin polypropylene for low wettability to ensure minimal sample retention and maximum precision. They contain no additives or dyes and are tested for the presence of 14 metals including heavy metals, ensuring that if incinerated the resulting ash is metal free. They are universal due to thin wall collars designed to fit most brands of single and multichannel pipettes. For your convenience EarthSaver racks are hinged to be easily opened and closed with one hand. Hinges also allow autoclaving at 121°c, 0.1MPa for 20 minutes.

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