Rainin E4™ XLS+™ Electronic Pipette- The App Master

Accelerate your Workflow

Rainin's E4 XLS+ electronic pipette helps you master your applications. With advanced features and a revolutionary new approach to navigation, the E4 XLS+ raises the bar for simplicity and control in pipetting. The contoured body, even balance and Rainin's legendary precision and accuracy all combine to offer an extraordinary pipetting experience.

If you have an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad download the E4XLS App now or download the android version. It allows you to simulate the programming of the new RAININ electronic pipette in 4 modes: Basic, Advanced, Multi Disp and Manual.

Once you've learned to program the pipette go for the games and enter your High Score rankings!

There’s an E4 XLS+ to fit your need!
  Loaded with features, functionality and a revolutionary new approach to navigation, the E4 XLS+ has redefined simplicity and control in pipetting.
  Fast loading, easy to handle and absolute precision and consistency across all channels. For high-throughput work, nothing compares with the E4 XLS+ multichannel.
  To quickly transfer liquids from tubes to plates or almost any other format, count on Rainin’s E4 XLS adjustable spacer multichannel pipette for speed and flexibility.



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Easy as 1... 2... 3...
Whatever your application, the E4 XLS is easy to program and makes setting up protocols fast. For example, here’s
how easy it is to program a serial dilution protocol, typically used in qPCR, ELISA and many cell assays:

1. Set the total volume to be
2. Specify the mixing volume and
number of mixing cycles
3. Set the aspirate, dispense and
mix speeds.


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