Tips 0.1-10uLGel-Well  200/1 rack 0.17mm
Part No: 17002375
Model No: GT-10-2

Tips 0.1-10uLGel-Well 200/1 rack 0.17mm
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Part No 17002375 Overview
Rainin gel loading tips with 0.17mm flat end. Total length 45.47mm; sealing end ID 3.56mm. 1 rack of 200 tips each. Ideal for pipettes up to 10µl in volume with traditional shaft.
Part No 17002375

Rainin Gel Loading Tips. 0.17mm, flat, 200 tip pack.

Volume Range: 0.1-10µl
  • Available with flat or round tip ends
  • Certified RNase/DNase-free
  • Designed for dispensing samples into narrow wells in electrophoretic slab gel apparatus, for sample recovery, or when high-accuracy is required at low volumes.
  • The flexible ultra-thin micro-capillary is ideal for nucleic acid sequencing and protein separation
  • Rainin Gel-Well tips fit Rainin and other pipettes with traditional conical shafts.

Customer Reviews

Product: Rainin Spacesaver pipette tips.

We are a small company with low staff numbers and tight budgets. The Rainin 'Tip Towers' - as we call them - are great for ease of use, time saving and economical but great quality.


Deepan Shah

Orla Protein Technologies Ltd

16 May 2011

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