Tips 1.25mL Autorep Syringe  Pk100
Part No: 17001873
Model No: ENC-1250

Tips 1.25mL Autorep Syringe Pk100
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Part No 17001873 Overview
Rainin Encoding Syringe Tips with maximum capacity of 1.25mL for Rainin Adjustable Eletronic Repeating Pipette. Sold in packs of 100.
Part No 17001873

Standard Encode Syringe Tips. Volume range of 5µl-1.25ml, pack of 100.

For use with Gilson AutoRep E™ - Electronic repeating pipette with continuous adjustable volumes from 1µL to 50mL. This pipette can help reduces repetitive stress injuries. Rainin AutoRep E pipette is to be used with Encode Syringe Tips.

The unique Encode syringe tips available in 100µl to 50ml sizes are automatically recognised by AutoRep E for the fastest and simplest of volume changes..

Automatic tip volume recognition when used with Rainin AutoRep E™

Customer Reviews

Product: Rainin Spacesaver pipette tips.

We are a small company with low staff numbers and tight budgets. The Rainin 'Tip Towers' - as we call them - are great for ease of use, time saving and economical but great quality.


Deepan Shah

Orla Protein Technologies Ltd

16 May 2011

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