SSI IsoFreeze RackPCR tubes Pto PPk2
Part No: 95016112
Model No: 5650-T4

SSI IsoFreeze RackPCR tubes Pto PPk2
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Part No 95016112 Overview
SSI Colour changing Purple- Pink IsoFreeze?PCR: plate strip or tube (0.2uL) chiller with Lid and Standard Bottom Footprint. Sold in packs of 2. Maintains temp of less than 4C for almost 4 hours.
Part No 95016112

96 Well IsoFreeze Temperature Maintenance SBS Rack with Lid – Pink-Purple. Well Capacity: 0.2ml. Pack of 2.

Matrix: 8 rows x 12 columns
  • IsoFreeze PCR SBS racks have a non-toxic gel-filled centre incorporating a temperature dependent colour-change material.
  • After storage at -20 oC the racks will maintain samples at below 4oC for up to four hours on the bench or workstation.
  • A dramatic change to a contrasting colour is seen at 7ºC to indicate that the rack, or even a single well has risen above refrigeration temperature.
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