SSI Tips RobotLoose Biomek250ul
Part No: 95015882
Model No: 4620-00

SSI Tips RobotLoose Biomek250ul
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Part No 95015882 Overview
These Loose SSI tips are compatible with the Beckman robots Biomek 1000 2000 and the Perkin Elmer Multiprobe I II and II EX. It is packed in a bulk bag of a 1000.
Part No 95015882

Biomek 1000/2000 Robot Compatible Robotic Tips

Volume Range: 5-250ul, 1000 Loose Tips, Non-Sterile, Natural

All Anachem robotic tips are packaged in sturdy, specially designed racks that are able to withstand the extreme forces exerted upon them by automated liquid handling workstations.

  • All tips are manufactured from the highest grades of virgin polypropylene and undergo the most vigorous QC/QA testing in the industry.
  • Where sterility is a concern Anachem’s pre-sterilized tips avoid the need for autoclaving. This saves time and prevents any risk of tip warping and potential instrument mismatching.
  • All Anachem sterile robotic tips are certified to be DNase, RNase, DNA, RNA, pyrogen and ATP free.
  • Non-sterile tips are certified RNase and DNase free.

The Anachem range of Biomek FX compatible tips are designed for use with the following robotic workstations:

  • Biomek FX
  • Biomek 3000
  • Biomek NX
Customer Reviews

Product: Rainin Spacesaver pipette tips.

We are a small company with low staff numbers and tight budgets. The Rainin 'Tip Towers' - as we call them - are great for ease of use, time saving and economical but great quality.


Deepan Shah

Orla Protein Technologies Ltd

16 May 2011

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