SSI Tips RobotFX Racked20ul
Part No: 95015875
Model No: 4612-00

SSI Tips RobotFX Racked20ul
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Part No 95015875 Overview
These racked SSI tips are compatible with the Beckman Biomek FX NX and 3000 robots and the Multimek AP96. The tips are packed in 10 racks of 96.
Part No 95015875

Biomek FX Compatible Robotic Tips

Volume Range: 1-20ul, 10 Racks of 96 Tips

All Anachem robotic tips are packaged in sturdy, specially designed racks that are able to withstand the extreme forces exerted upon them by automated liquid handling workstations.

  • All tips are manufactured from the highest grades of virgin polypropylene and undergo the most vigorous QC/QA testing in the industry.
  • Where sterility is a concern Anachem’s pre-sterilized tips avoid the need for autoclaving. This saves time and prevents any risk of tip warping and potential instrument mismatching.
  • All Anachem sterile robotic tips are certified to be DNase, RNase, DNA, RNA, pyrogen and ATP free.
  • Non-sterile tips are certified RNase and DNase free.

The Anachem range of Biomek FX compatible tips are designed for use with the following robotic workstations:

  • Biomek FX
  • Biomek 3000
  • Biomek NX
Customer Reviews

Product: Rainin Spacesaver pipette tips.

We are a small company with low staff numbers and tight budgets. The Rainin 'Tip Towers' - as we call them - are great for ease of use, time saving and economical but great quality.


Deepan Shah

Orla Protein Technologies Ltd

16 May 2011

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