Regular pipette maintenance is essential to ensure consistent performance. Using quality spares is the only way to guarantee the highest levels of accuracy and precison. Parts listed here can be changed without affecting calibration. Please contact us regarding replacement of other parts that require attention by a qualified technician.

Seals for Rainin Pipet-Lite™, Pipet-Lite™ XLS & Electronic Pipettes

Seals for Rainin Pipet-Lite™, Pipet-Lite™ XLS & Electronic Pipettes

Regular pipette maintenance is essential to ensure consistent performance. Using quality spares is the only way to guarantee the highest levels of accuracy and precison. ...

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Seals  for Gilson PIPETMAN® & Rainin Classic™

Seals for Gilson PIPETMAN® & Rainin Classic™

Regular pipette maintenance is essential to ensure consistent performance. Using quality spares is the only way to guarantee the highest levels of accuracy and precison. ...

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Customer Reviews
The range of Rainin Pipettes that you supplied us with have performed very well in my laboratory. They are both accurate, easy to maintain and robust - an important consideration for a laboratory that has a large number of students who may not always initially be familiar with pipettes and how to look after them!

Dr A Rahim, University College London, 28 June 2014

I am so happy with the choice I made by buying Rainin pipettes. They are gentle on your fingers as when you are pitetting throughout the day.

The price range you offered and the ongoing discounts with the tip purchase make it more desirable. The low protein binding tips are excellent to work as there is minimal loss of precious sample.

Mr N Raj, University College London, 23 June 2014

Ease of Use
Value for Money

I was initially sceptical from moving from Gilson pipettes, however I have been impressed by the Rainin range of pipettes. I welcome the LTS technology which reduces the pipetting force required to aspirate liquid and eject spent tips. The multi-channel range of pipettes are accurate and intuitive to use. The advanced settings allow aspiration customisation and a highlight of this is programmable mixing of reagents. Rainin tips have low liquid retention properties. Overall I am pleased we have made the move to Rainin pipettes.

13 June 2014

"Pipet-Lite XLS is a stylish, authoritative and sturdy pipette with a smooth action."


Having a reliable and easy to use set of pipettes is essential for every researcher and, although they are the unsung heroes, they are undoubtedly one of the most important pieces of equipment used in everyday research. Inaccurate and cumbersome to use pipettes can make life difficult at more than one level and therefore, choosing the right pipettes is crucial. Having tried almost every pipette on the market, my lab seems to be divided between the Eppendorf, Finnpipette and Gilson brands. Ignoring special offers, all three can be purchased for essentially the same price and so it’s all down to personal preference. Having started in the lab in the early eighties, I was a traditional Gilson user but I was keen to test the accuracy, reliability, and robustness of the new Pipet-Lite XLS series to determine if they were as good as they looked.

The range of liquid handling from 0.2 μL (L-2XLS) up to 20 mL (L-20MLXLS) is impressive to say the least and covers every possible experimental need. I was particularly pleased to see the pipette range include volumes not catered for by the other brands e.g. L-300XLS and L-2000XLS. The accuracy was excellent and I experienced no shift in the pipette volume because of the locking system even after a large number of samples. The Pipet-Lite XLS is certainly not cheap and flimsy but a stylish, authoritative and sturdy piece of equipment with a smooth action and easy to read display that is remarkably easy to use and clean. The only downside I noted was the fact that the metal plunger and spring were uncoated making the pipette unsuitable for use with corrosive fluids, so maybe there should be a warning to unsuspecting users or an alternative model could be sold for such applications. These pipettes come with radio frequency identification as standard and, although a nice idea, I didn’t see it as a particularly useful feature but it might have its uses in another lab. After having used the Pipet-Lite XLS for an hour, I switched back to my Gilson pipette and was amazed at the difference in resistance and how much pressure I had to exert to dispense and the stiffness of the Gilson tip ejection.

I fully recommend the Pipet-Lite XLS as a nice to handle, low resistance pipette for everyday use and I am sure that once you have tried them you will assign your old ones to the drawer - just as I have.

Dr K Fisher, Capcis Ltd, 11 July 2011

We purchased a number of RAININ's Pipet-Lite pipettes from Anachem and we are very happy with them. They are nice comfortable pipettes and I would definitely recommend them to other pipette users.
Sally Swift, Institute of Cancer Research

05 October 2010

Ease of Use
After Sales Service
Value for Money

RAININ Pipet-Lite pipettes are truly superior to all other pipetting tools in the most important aspects, such as accuracy, ease-of-use, and reliability.

Ludmilla Bardina, Sr. Research Coordinator
Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York, NY

08 January 2010

I just purchased EDP3 Multichannel pipettes for the entire research group.

They are easier to use than [the other brand]. EDP3 has long-lasting batteries, the tips fit like a glove, and they’re ergonomically-correct.

Since we purchased EDP3 multichannel pipettes, other research groups have asked how they can score LTS pipettes!

EDP3 multichannel pipettes bring only one word to mind: awesome!

Lynne Cregar, Sr. Research Associate
AXYS Pharmaceuticals, CA

07 January 2010

I was diagnosed with deQuervain’s disease caused by pipetting. My fellow PCR workers were also experiencing pain in their hands and wrists. This pain was directly attributed to tip ejection pressure, as well as general pipetting activities.

We tried two different ergonomic pipette designs. EDP3 Pipettes with LTS got our vote of approval for the extreme ease of tip ejection.

We have been using EDP3 pipettes exclusively for one year now and I wish I had known about them before I needed them.

I recommend that everyone who does extended pipetting buy an EDP3 pipette before the pain makes it necessary.

Gloria E. Dettleff, Molecular Diagnostics
Vet. Adm. Medical Center (JC), St. Louis, MO

07 January 2010

EDP3™ electronic pipettes with LTS are much less stressful on the hands; the tips eject so easily.

We require precise and reproducible results when qualifying and testing a new LabChip™. Working with only 1 μl of material, the pipettes and tips we use must be precise and accurate at small volumes from user to user. That’s why we chose EDP3.

Dr. Stephane Mouradian, Research Scientist
Caliper Technologies, Mountain View, CA

07 January 2010

Our lab uses 10 μL and 200 μL pipettes in PCR hoods. Initially, we chose Pipet-Lite from a Rainin promotion. Now I wish we all had them at our stations. Pipet-Lite is so easy to use. We have to go back and forth between the old ones and the LTS.

Boy, can you tell the difference! The lab loves the new Pipet-Lite. They are so light. No more jamming tips on and then struggling to eject them. You have made our PCR experiments easier to setup.

Thank you, Rainin!

Bobbie Brewington, Veterinary Microbiology/Preventive Medicine
Iowa State University, Iowa City, IA

07 January 2010

I use 10 μL to 1000 μL pipettes for more than 4 hours a day. I switched to Pipet-Lite with LTS because I suffered from repetitive motion injury on both wrists that was treated surgically.

I like Pipet-Lite for its ease of handling, especially with tip ejection. It’s less stressful on my hands even after a long period of pipetting. My goal is to be able to eventually convert all our pipettes to your LTS system/design.

Rosario F. Bowen, Medicine
Vet. Adm. Medical Center, IUPUI, Indianapolis, IN

07 January 2010

Rainin’s Pipet-Lite Pipettes are accurate, comfortable and lightweight.

I find Pipet-Lite superior to other brands. With LTS (LiteTouch Tip Ejection) there is no need of “hitting” to attach the tips and they eject easily.

Congratulations on a good tool!

Laslo Furu
Internal Medicine, Yale Univ. School of Medicine
New Haven, CT

07 January 2010

Since using Pipet-Lite™ for just four months my wrists have really improved.

Pipet-Lite is so easy, absolutely no pressure is required. The tips go on easily and eject with just a touch of the button. It didn’t take me long to discover I didn’t need to jam the tips on. The volume adjustment can be done with one hand, it’s so easy!

Accuracy is a major issue in our lab. Since converting to Pipet-Lite we’ve seen no change; our results are just as accurate. Our whole lab loves Rainin Pipet-Lite pipettes.

Jennifer Pearson, R&D Biologist
Roche Diagnostics, Berkeley, CA

07 January 2010

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