Liquidator 96 - Benchtop Pipetting System


See how easy it is to fill a 96-or 384-well plate with Liquidator 96

Filling a 96 well plate – fast and precise
Filling a 384-well plate – With just four passes


Liquidator 96 - pipettes with the simplicity of a manual pipette


Fills 96 wells at once

Liquidator 96 is faster than all other manual pipetting methods and even many robots. You can load a 96-well plate in just seconds.
Reliable results

Rainin Liquidator LTS tips give absolutely consistent pickup. What you set on the dial is what you pick up in the tip, with no variability between channels. All wells are filled with exactly the same sample volume.
Works the same as a manual pipette
Liquidator 96 is simple to operate – it works like a conventional manual pipette. No complicated software, no programming. A personal benchtop pipetting system, Liquidator 96 is always ready to use by everyone in the lab.



Wide Range of Applications

  • Replicating / dispensing plates - During expression profiling or in yeast two hybrid systems.
  • Filling, washing, mixing plates - ELISA, protein crystallization, screenings.
  • Dispensing buffers, master mixes - PCR, dilution series, assay.
  • Removing liquids from plates - Changing media in cultures.

Enhance your research with Liquidator 96



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