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Single Channel Manual Pipettes

For state-of-the-art pipetting, Rainin is the choice of leading labs around the world

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  • Pipet-Lite LTS Pipette L-1000XLS+

  • Pipet-Lite LTS Pipette L-100XLS+

  • Pipet-Lite LTS Pipette L-10XLS+

  • Pipet-Lite LTS Pipette L-2000XLS+

  • Pipet-Lite LTS Pipette L-200XLS+

  • Pipet-Lite LTS Pipette L-20XLS+

  • Pipet-Lite LTS Pipette L-2XLS+

  • Pipet-Lite LTS Pipette L-300XLS+

  • Pipet-Lite Pipette LTS L-10MLXLS

  • Pipet-Lite Pipette LTS L-20MLXLS

  • Pipet-Lite Pipette LTS L-5000XLS

  • Start Kit PL-LTS 2,10,20,200μL

  • Start Kit PL-LTS 2,20,200,1000μL

  • Start Kit PL-LTS 20,200,1000 + L12-200μL

  • Start Kit PL-LTS 20,200,1000 + L12-20μL

  • Start Kit PL-LTS 20,200,1000 + L8-200μL

  • Start Kit PL-LTS 20,200,1000 + L8-20μL

  • Start Kit PL-LTS 20,200,1000μL

  • Start Kit PL-LTS 200,1000,5000μL

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