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Storage Racks

Freezer Racks, Microtubes and PCR Racks

242 Products Found

Sort by:
  • Dividers for storage box 100 well Pk1

  • Dividers for storage box 25 well Pk1

  • Rac k64well (8x8) 11mmTF H45-55mm grnPk2

  • Rack 10 well 30mm, 2 well 17mm nat

  • Rack 10well 30mm, 2 well 17mm black

  • Rack 10well 30mm, 2 well 17mm blue

  • Rack 10well 30mm, 2 well 17mm green

  • Rack 10well 30mm, 2 well 17mm red

  • Rack 10well 30mm, 2 well 17mm yellow

  • Rack 25 well 17 x 125mm black

  • Rack 25 well 17 x 125mm blue

  • Rack 25 well 17 x 125mm green

  • Rack 25 well 17 x 125mm natural

  • Rack 25 well 17 x 125mm red

  • Rack 25 well 17Hx95Lx105mm blue

  • Rack 25 well 17Hx95Lx105mm green

  • Rack 25 well 17Hx95Lx105mm red

  • Rack 49 well (7x7) 16.5mm H75-80mmRedPk2

  • Rack 49 well( 7x7) 16.5mm H75-80mm blPk2

  • Rack 49well (7x7) 16.5mm H75-80mm natPk2

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