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Laboratory Safety

Laboratory Disinfectants, Gloves and Radiation Safety

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  • Beta Radiation Bin with wheels 47L

  • Beta Radiation Shield 15degree 300x450mm

  • Beta Radiation Shield 15degree 355x530MM

  • Beta Radiation Shield 45degree 355x600MM

  • Beta Radiationshield 15degree 35x53cmPk1

  • Beta Workbox Radiation Shield Pk1

  • Betablock for microtubes Pk1

  • Betabox rack 15x15ML Tubes Pk1

  • Betabox rack 8x50ML Tubes

  • Betabox rack microtubes32x0.5MLPk1

  • Betabox rack microtubes32x1.5MLPk1

  • Betabox rack Radiochem Rack Amersham

  • Betabox rack Radiochem Rack Dupont

  • Betabox rack Scintilation Vials 20ML

  • Betabox rack Scintilation Vials 5ML

  • Betabox rack Sterilin Universals Pk1

  • Betacab Radiationshield Pk1

  • BetaGuardP1000

  • BetaGuardP20/P100

  • BetaGuardP200

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