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Next Generation PCR Enzymes from Kapa Biosystems

30 March 2009

Kapa Biosystems’ next-gen PCR reagents are developed from high-throughput molecular evolution technology. They contain unique amino acid modifications that confer dramatic improvements to the function of the enzyme, bringing advances in PCR never before possible with wild type Taq.


New IDGel™ Precast PolyAcrylamide Gels

29 March 2009

The Easiest, Best Performing Precast Gels You’ll Ever Use

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Aerosol Disinfection Made Easy

09 January 2009

New MobiWatch® MaxiBIO From Anachem Heavy Duty Aerial Disinfection Equipment

MobiWatch® equipment used in conjunction with MicroSol3+® Sporicide is designed to effectively eliminate microorganisms whilst avoiding material compatibility issues. The dry mist automatically sprayed within the targeted area provides a sterile and residue-free environment with limited down-time. All surfaces whether accessible or out-of-reach are disinfected as a result of the treatment with MobiWatch.

Mupid®-One Agarose Gel Electrophoresis System

21 November 2008

Mupid®--One is an integrated gel casting tray, power supply and gel box all in one complete unit. It allows you to separate DNA or protein bands from 100bp to 23kb or 20k to 350kD in length. The system has been specifically designed to provide an extremely safe and easy to use system for all levels of experience.

Improve Your Cell Recovery Rates with BAMBANKER™ Cell Freezing Media

20 November 2008

BAMBANKER™ is a patented, unique formulation, serum-free medium that enables long-term storage of cultured cells directly at -80°C and in liquid nitrogen. The medium can be used for the freezing and preservation of valuable cells, such as cancer cells, tumour cells, stem cells as well as normal cells.

Displaying items 26 to 30 of 32
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