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KAPA2G Fast HotStart DNA Polymerase

07 May 2009

1 second per kilobase extension rate allows for increased productivity and faster time to results without the need for more thermocyclers.

KAPA2G™ Robust DNA Polymerase

08 April 2009

KAPA2G™ Robust is a second generation DNA polymerase engineered for extreme robustness

KAPA Blood PCR Kits

08 April 2009

Eliminate the need for DNA purification with KAPA Blood PCR kits, containing the first DNA polymerase evolved for whole blood PCR.



07 April 2009

The KAPA SYBR® DNA Polymerase has been engineered to perform optimally in stringent real-time qPCR reaction conditions, exhibiting dramatic improvements to signal-to-noise ratio (fluorescence), cycle threshold (CT), linearity, and sensitivity.

Next Generation PCR Enzymes from Kapa Biosystems

30 March 2009

Kapa Biosystems’ next-gen PCR reagents are developed from high-throughput molecular evolution technology. They contain unique amino acid modifications that confer dramatic improvements to the function of the enzyme, bringing advances in PCR never before possible with wild type Taq.


Displaying items 26 to 30 of 36
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